Scrutineer re-thinks git commit signing. Manage trust instead of keys.

If you ever worked with GPG signatures in git, you know how frustrating the experience is. Scrutineer is an entirely new workflow to manage trust for teams and organizations. Once installed, you won't worry about key management again.

Source Code

You find the source code on GitHub

All code is signed by Scrutineer 🚀


If you use MacOs, the preferred way is to use

brew install scrutineertech/scrutineer/scrutineer

With brew it is easy to stay up to date.

If you have go installed, you can alternatively use

go install


After installing Scrutineer, login with your GitHub account

scrutineer login


You can always yell for help with

scrutineer help

Somehow I have the feeling this doesn't answer your question. So here we go with a few examples.

Who am I?

Forgot your user handle? Wonder under which account you are logged in?

scrutineer whoami

How do I trust another user?

First make sure you communicate the user handle via a secure channel. User handles always start with a "U". It is important to receive the user handle via a secure channel. Scrutineer guarantees that signed commits really belong to the user in the commit. Scrutineer can't guarantee that the signed commit belongs to a specific person, for example the e-mail address you see in a signed commit.

Trust a user handle from now until now + 365 days

scrutineer trust user UXXXXXXXX

Or with a more specific start and end time

scrutineer trust user --start 2023-01-01T00:00:00 --end 2023-12-31T00:00:00 UXXXXXXXX

There is no need to trust yourself. You always do 🙂

Show Realm 🏰

To see who you trust, run

# scrutineer realm

Direct trust relationships:
ID      User ID         Start                   End
1       UAAAAAAAA       2023-10-10T17:00:00Z    2024-10-10T17:00:00Z


The Realm is the most powerful and most import concept of Scrutineer. It solves the problem of managing trust relationships with many users.

Your realm is personal. You and only you decide what is in it - and what is not.

Temporal properties of git signatures

When working with signatures, usually the signing and verification process happen within a short time interval. With git it is different. Between signing a commit and verifying the same commit, years can pass. Scrutineer accounts for this mismatch by providing a timeline in which signatures are valid (see image below). Commits are trusted if a trusted user signed the commit in a specific time interval.


Contents of the Realm

You can trust

  • users
  • teams
  • organizations

for a defined time interval. By default, time intervals start now and end in 365 days from now. This is a sensible default and you can overwrite it anytime and even create multiple intervals per user, team and organization.

Trust of Teams and Organizations

I saw the need of managed groups. Usually you don't develop software in isolation. Likewise, you usually don't trust one other developer. You trust an entire organization. Implicitly we trust organizations in the moment we download their unsigned code. It would be even better if we would download and verify their signed code. The individual developer plays a less important role in this situation.

Teams and Organizations

You can always trust as many teams and organizations as you want (and users as well). Team handles start with a "T" and organization handles start with a "O".

Creating a team

Creating teams and organizations is an upcoming payed feature. Once you are subscribed, you are the owner of your organization. You can make other users the manager of your organization. Below this organization are teams. You can make others the manager of your teams.

For the time being, you can trust other users directly.

Technical Explanation

Scrutineer at its core signs git commits. A signature does not make sense without its verification. This is where Scrutineer comes into play.

The verification of signatures is an n-p hard problem. Whenever a person in your team joins or leaves, everyone needs to update their trust database. This is a tedious and error-prone process. With Scrutineer developers manage who they trust. That can be only themselves, their peers, their teams, and even their entire organization. User management is then done on a team or organization level by trusted personell.

Security of the signing process

Signing usually happens in the background if you configure git1 to do so. Scrutineer actually never gets in your way. The content of your commit message2 is sent to a Scrutineer server. You are authenticated under your user-handle, which is a 9 character long string that starts with "U". The source code is not sent to the Scrutineer servers.

The backend checks your authentication, signs the commit message and sends the signature back to you. Git then stores the signed commit in git.


How the signature is composed

To calculate the signature, the following byte representations are concatenated:

  1. Message
  2. User Id
  3. RFC 3339 Timestamp in UTC

The resulting bytes are hashed with SHA256. The raw hash is then signed with elliptic curve cryptography. Scrutineer uses the curve NIST P-256 (FIPS 186-3, section D.2.3), also known as secp256r1 or prime256v1.

Security of the verification process

The content of the signature is not only the commit message, but also the authenticated account and the timestamp. Your realm3 is then compared to the signature in three steps:

  1. Is the signature valid?
  2. Is the signing user in your realm?
  3. Was the signature made within the allowed time interval for this user in your realm?

If the user is not in your realm, maybe they are part of a team or organization you trust.


Run git config --global commit.gpgsign true 2: Typically a commit message consists of 1) tree hash 2) author 3) committer 4) commit message 3: Realms


Is Scrutineer secure?

Nothing is 100% secure. Scrutineer relies on the security of your GitHub account and the machine that you use for development. If there is a breach of either your computer or your GitHub account, Scrutineer can't guarantee the integrity of your signed commits. We are working on a signature revocation functionality.

Are other OIDC providers supported than GitHub?

Tell me about your needs and I will make the integration happen!

Scrutineer looks a lot like Sigstore?

Sigstore is a mature collection of tools for signing. The downside is, it is complex, which the authors admitted in a recent blog post

The Sigstore architecture is admittedly complex! Complexity is bad and should be avoided where possible.

I think that Scrutineer is not complex. Even though Scrutineer reminds of Sigstore, we found a less complex abstraction for signing and verifying git commits.

Scrutineer looks a bit like OpenPubKey?

OpenPubKey was released after Scrutineer was published. I must admit that their "hack" with the nonce is genius. It has a few shortcomings though, mainly related to privacy. Scrutineer uses pseudonymous user-handles for privacy reasons. Digital signatures are very powerful and they don't easily allow for plausible deniability. I think Scrutineer has a better abstraction around user management for better privacy.

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